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Tutorial 3 Simple Game Javascript Code


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Tutorial 3 Simple Game Javascript Code
« on: September 05, 2014, 04:52:56 PM »
Most of this code will be posted by Andy Harris of HTML5 Game Development For Dummies

Here is the simple game Javascript code.  It only lets me post 2000 characters so I could not fit all of the code in.

Here are some other lessons that I will cover in Javascript

Lesson 4 Scenes and Sprites Image sprites and scenes for games with Canvas

Lesson 5 Speed and Angles This will focus coding the speed and angles of a game in javascript.  Moving angles for the game.

Lesson 6 Keyboard Functions For A Game This will teach you how to use keyboard functions for designing a game in Javascript.

Lesson 7 Slideshow Lesson 7 will focus on using HTML, CSS, and Javascript to make a slideshow.

Lesson 8 Video Files In Javascript This will teach you how to upload videos to your website from Javascript without using Youtube videos.

Lesson 9 Javascript Review A review of all the fundamentals in javascript plus some material from previous tutorials.

Lesson 10 The final lesson will be to copy source code from a website onto a word document.  Open up the sites Javascript source without reproducing the same code on a website by clicking on a .js file in the word document.  Reproducing code that isn't yours is copyright infringement.  If you want to learn how others use Javascript code you are doing it for your own purposes hoping to get a better understanding of how websites use javascript.  If you think you have a good understanding of this you can try to code one page of javascript onto the Dunbar Project Webpage final project for lesson 10. 

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