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Tutorial 3 Changing The Color To Your Anchor Tag


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Tutorial 3 Changing The Color To Your Anchor Tag
« on: September 03, 2014, 11:10:08 AM »
Today I'll discuss changing the color to your anchor tag.  This is a pretty simple lesson.

Believe it or not you can change the anchor tag color on your links to any color you want.

a {
      color: red;

Now add this to the previous css document known as mud.css

body {
    background-color: brown;

p {
   text-align: center;

h1 {
   text-align: center;

Now open up Manziel.html

Your links will turn red because you added this feature and applied it.  It is that simple.

Now I'll post a list of upcoming lessons.

Lesson 4 Fundamentals of CSS.  There are a few chapters in my web publishing book that go over the basics of CSS.  I'll add some of those things while maintaining the knowledge of what I've showed you in the first three lessons.

Lesson 5 Will cover Things like the header site nav main page content page and footer

Lesson 6 How to make a navigation bar with links in css.

Lesson 7 Slideshow in CSS

Lesson 8 For CSS will involve media queries and putting media files in css.

Lesson 9 Changing Font Size In CSS

Lesson 10 Using CSS To Perfect the Dunbar Improve The Quality Of The Webpage.
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