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Feel free to talk about anything and everything in this board.

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This board allows you to talk about games, politics, technology, fitness, travel, finance, vehicles, fashion, or anything else you can think of not related to sports, movies, music, or food.

Draft Utopia Articles

No New Posts Draft Utopia Articles

All articles from our main website. will go in this thread.

No New Posts Post Your Podcast

Here is a place where you post your podcast

NFL Thread

No New Posts The Gridiron

This thread is about NFL topics. You can discuss anything football related here whether it be a team, player, game, NCAA Football predictions, or NFL Draft talk. You can also make your own NFL Mock Drafts in our forums.

NHL Thread

No New Posts The Icerink

This thread is about NHL topics. You can discuss anything hockey related whether it be NHL or any of the other leagues. Mainly we'll be talking NHL. You can also talk about hockey leagues with NHL Draft prospects. There are hockey prospects for the NHL Draft from Canada, USA, Scandinavia, Russia, and Europe. You can also post NHL Mock Drafts in our forums while making predictions for your Stanley Cup Winners.

NBA Thread

No New Posts The Hardwood

This thread is about NBA topics. You can discuss anything basketball related here whether it be NBA, NBA D League, WNBA, March Madness Brackets, and allows users to make NBA Mock Drafts.

MLB Thread

No New Posts The Diamond

This thread is about MLB topics. You can discuss anything baseball related whether it be MLB, AAA teams affiliated with MLB teams, or AA teams associated with those MLB squads. You can also talk college world series or little league world series in this forum.

MLS Thread

No New Posts The Pitch

This thread is about MLS topics. You can discuss anything soccer related whether it be MLS related or anything about the FIFA World Cup. You can also talk about the Barclays Premiere League here.


No New Posts The Track

Discuss your thoughts on NASCAR drivers, races, and anything relevant in the world of NASCAR.

Wrestling Thread

No New Posts The Squared Circle

This thread you can talk WWE, Boxing, or MMA. TNA. Underground wrestling. Post your thoughts on Wrestlemania The Ultimate Fighter.

No New Posts Savage Speaks

Anti Bullying Thread

No New Posts Anti Bullying Thread

This thread allows people to discuss why bullying is wrong, immoral, and unethical. Post thoughts or stories on bullying incidents here.

Coding HTML/CSS/Javascript Thread

No New Posts Coding HTML/CSS/Javascript Thread

This page gives tips on how to code webpages in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. This is essential to designing your own website.

No New Posts HTML Tutorial Series Thread

This webpage will give you tutorials to web design in HTML. I'll post one tutorial on Mondays.

No New Posts CSS Tutorial Series Thread

CSS Tutorial Instructions will go here. I will post CSS tips in this section on Wednesday's.

No New Posts Javascript Tutorial Series Thread

I don't know much about Javascript to be honest. One thing I will say is that I am eager to learn. On friday's I'll go through game design and teach our readers some of the fundamentals of Javascript. Learning Javascript is something we can all work on together in the forums.

Movies Thread

No New Posts Movies Thread

Place where you can talk about different types of films. Action, suspense, comedy, or romance.

Music Thread

No New Posts Music Thread

Talk about Tunes man.

Food Thread

No New Posts Food Thread

Talk about food or drinks here. Discuss your favorite food. Cookies YUM!

Dating Advice/Foreplay Tips Thread

No New Posts Dating Advice

Post Dating Advice here.

Paintball Thread

No New Posts Paintball Thread

Feel free to discuss Paintball and anything related to paintball including different pain ball colors or different weapons.

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